True shelf intelligence through AI-powered image recognition and planogram compliance

Typically retailers use legacy technology to measure their planogram compliance, however image recognition rates for this are below 80%. Learn how our AI-powered Shelf Intelligence solution is achieving much higher image recognition rates, as well as enabling field sales teams to immediately make changes to the shelf and generate reports and compliance intelligence for head office staff.

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    We know that compliance rates can actually be quite low in some stores and there’s a number of compliance solutions available on the marketplace, to help with this problem.  The challenge that these solutions have always had from a retailer’s perspective, is they’re largely based on image recognition and the recognition rates historically have not been that good. Below 80% is a common sort of level that would be achieved.  What we’re doing differently with our shelf intelligence tool, is we’re using AI to help the solution learn what product an image represents.  So if the first time the solution encounters an image of a product and it doesn’t recognise it, it will actually take input from the person using the solution and it will learn, so that those detection rates, those accuracy rates increase over time and we get much closer to a 100% recognition rate, than it’s ever been possible to, in the past.

    So using our shelf intelligence solution, the person in front of the shelf immediately receives a report which tells them, are the products in the right place, do they have the correct number of facings, is there a stock issue?  And it’s through this detailed reporting, that the person is able to take instant action and not have to wait a period of time for a report to come back.  They will actually be able to make the changes at the shelf.

    All of the data from the shelf intelligence solution feeds directly into our CINDE platform.  The CINDE platform is then used at the Head Office level to not only understand which stores are complying and which stores are not complying, but to understand why.  Is there an issue at the shelf, is there an issue with the supply chain, is there theft from the store? CINDE will then recommend the best course of action, allowing the retailer to quickly solve the problem before it becomes an issue.